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Magical dulcet COSMOPHONE! The outdo gift in spite of any cause! Do you fantasize that you can exude for yourself or your loved ones as a service to a birthday or another holiday? Adjacent a magical musical what-d'you-call-it glucophone, at a very affordable worth !!! Unequivocally sonorous, elegant and magical mellifluous instruments !!!
Glucophone is an intuitive-meditative instrument. Both a professional musician and just an dabbler, temperate without a special dulcet lore, wishes be skilled to play melodies with his force on it. It would be a sigh for, and it is practical to perform soothe engrossed improvisations and acute regular melodies on it. The tongues of this what's-its-name are so tuned that rhythmical hitting them in a opposite organization last will and testament still produce a harmonious melody. To manage make believe on this instrument is innocently impossible. As a result, playing the glucophone drive satisfy all and sundry! Glucophone playing calms and harmonizes all about!

I invite you to visit my area: http://steel-tongue-drum.info

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Начать новую темуКомментировать Страница 1 из 1   [ 1 сообщение ]

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